5. 3. 2023
If it's beef, it's definitely organic!

We are changing to be even better for you. Newly, in all our 236 school canteens and Primirest restaurants, we serve certified organic beef, which we supplement (partially) with meat from Czech farms.

1. 3. 2023
Primirest in March: Give the fish another chance!

This time, Primirest GastroCalendar will help you solve one of the most common "mismatches" in children's (even school canteens) menus - the absence of fish and fish products.

20. 2. 2023
Celebrate Iodine Deficiency Day with Primirest!

Iodine Deficiency Day reminds us how indispensable it is for our bodies. Iodine contributes to the normal function of the thyroid gland, is important for the proper functioning of metabolism, brain development and mental well-being. Iodine takes care of healthy skin, strong hair, nails and healthy teeth.