While a regular canteen just cooks, we offer a comprehensive catering service.

Our goal is not only to leave our diners healthy and well fed, but also satisfied. That is why our services are more like those of restaurants than the classic school canteens we all remember from our childhood. See what we have to offer.

špinavé talire


School lunches

The precisely defined menu for the entire school year is centred around seasonal ingredients and includes attractive gastronomic specials. Our carefully crafted recipes and advanced technologies allow for ingredients to be prepared more gently, by steaming or cooking meat overnight for example. We don't use spicy seasoning or glutamates, and our sophisticated IT system, which regularly monitors ingredient purchases and inventory levels means that we cut wasted ingredients to a minimum.

Order system

Healthier, greener, more sustainable. That's the Primirest menu. You can choose from three meal options every day: a traditional, a foreign and a meat-free dish. The meals are selected on the My Primirest portal, so it's easy to order your child's lunch conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Food for the rest of the day

We wish toaccomodate our young diners and their parents. That's why we offer complementary sales in schools, not only of healthy, tasty and nutritionally balanced snacks, but also home-made breakfasts.


We are increasingly aware of the ever-growing demands placed on parents. That's why we offer breakfast in our dining rooms, both for children and parents. This gives parents the chance to start the day with a good breakfast together with their children on a hectic morning.


By agreement with all the parents of children from the same class, we can provide a unified range of snacks, meaning that all the children eat well and do not envy each other's snacks

School cafeteria

We offer a wide range of complementary products for diners of all ages, supplemented by our own home-made products, which are prepared daily in the school kitchen from fresh ingredients. We think responsibly - parents can set individual sales restrictions for their children in the My Primirest portal.

Food as a game and education at the same time

Eating with the Colour Eater

Lunch time is an opportunity for communication, not only between students but also with them. We have been educating children in the field of nutrition through play for years. Our good school lunches mascot, the Colour Eater, teaches children about variety and diversity on the plate, what the ideal portion should look like, or that lunch doesn't have to be fried and contain meat. It is also a response to the amount of food wasted, and advises children on how and what they can improve and how not to waste food at their next lunch.

Eating healthily, Learning with joy, Living responsibly

Through ELL noticeboards: Through ELL (Eating healthily, Learning with joy, Living responsibly), we explain to teenagers how food affects our bodies, why we should prefer vegetables over sweets, and also why it is good not to waste and throw away food unnecessarily.

Formal dining workshop

Finding one’s way around the formal table in the flood of different-sized cutlery is sometimes a challenge even for us as adults. That's why we organise a model lunch as part of secondary school social studies classes, during which teenagers learn the basic manners of formal dining.

We'll help where needed

Citywide operation

If the municipality is interested, we are able to provide lunches not only for elementary and nursery schools, but also for other social services such as nursing homes, day care centres, sanatoriums, etc. Our well-managed logistics system enables us to meet the demanding criteria for incorporation into integrated rescue systems and to provide meals even during floods or other emergency situations.

Catering services

Do you need to arrange refreshments for graduation exams, school parties, open days, or when hosting important visitors? That’s no problem for us.