Silver for Primirest

Our school restaurant Primirest SPŠ Prosek shone at the International Canteen Championship - it won a fantastic second place.


Five teams competed in this year's third edition of the International Canteen Championship. Among them, the only high school restaurant Primirest SPŠ in Prague's Prosek shone. Even school catering, which is strictly bound by standards, can compete very well with university canteens. The Primirest team from the Prosek Secondary School is a shining proof of this.


  • Pictured from the left: Zuzana Sendlerová (Regional Manager), Tomáš Cikhart (Primirest's Brand Chef), Tomáš Liebich (Chef), Josef Hásek (Regional Director) and Stanislav Krpata (Chef Primirest SPŠ Prague - Prosek)


Last year team Primirest won third place at the International Canteen Championship, this year it moved up one place. The jury was particularly impressed with the silver team's dessert. The Primirest chefs prepared the pork roast as the main course using the sous-vide method. It lay overnight in an herb brine, which gave it a tender and exquisite flavour. The jury also appreciated the pork flank croquette with a different technological processing of another type of pork. In modern gastronomy, it is now a major trend to have several adaptations/processing of ingredients on the plate.


Silver menu Primirest SPŠ Prague - Prosek:

  • Pork roast, pork flank croquette, potato and carrot puree, marinated radishes, spring vegetables, roasted potatoes grenaille, strong meat sauce.
  • Yoghurt, honey, gluten-free granola with nuts, strawberries, blueberries.

You can find a quick behind-the-scenes video here (link).
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