The existing school meals system is outdated

The entire Czech school catering system should be changed. The current one does not aim to ensure that the child eats a high-quality lunch, but only to provide him with food that meets applicable standards.

In the first episode of the new Delicast public catering podcast, Tom Václavík, director and guarantor of the Skutečně zdravá škola (Truly Healthy School)l programme, and Michal Debrecéni, CEO of Primirest, agree.


The current debate about the consumer basket (spotřební koš) is, according to both of them, not the key-problem. The biggest mistake is that the current school meals system does not care whether the child likes and eats the food or whether they learn something at lunch (for example, that food is not 'born in a supermarket'). Nor does the system address the quality of the ingredients used to prepare the food.

Why is it that 'meeting legislative requirements' does not automatically mean cooking well, or that the current situation is unsustainable in the long term, especially if school meals are 'governed' by a 30-year-old norm, the so-called consumer basket? 

We describe everything in detail in the press release - v tiskové zprávě (link) CZ only.


If you are interested in the topic - take a look under the hood of school lunches, then you can also in our new podcast (podcastu o veřejném stravovaní Delicast) CZ only.