Primirest in March: Give the fish another chance!

This time, Primirest GastroCalendar will help you solve one of the most common "mismatches" in children's (even school canteens) menus - the absence of fish and fish products.

Unfortunately, fish dishes are still not an easy and natural part of the menus of a typical Czech households (and sometimes unfortunately not even school canteens), although they are nutritionally necessary for children. The lack of tradition has caused that not everyone knows how to prepare fish appropriately and tasty. In addition, a child's fear of new food (new tastes and aromas) can quickly end the effort to include fish more often.

Give the fish another chance. In the third week of March, Primirest serves a great combination of lentils with roasted vegetables and salmon.

GastroCalendar offer for March 2023 (available poster in CZ only)