Prestigious anti-corruption certification

As the first and so far the only gastronomic group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we meet the international anti-corruption standard ISO 37001.

The great news is that not only Delirest Services (in Czech rep.) defended the certification at the first supervisory audit, but we also managed to successfully and fully certify Delirest Slovakia and Primirest – zařízení školního stravování (our net of school restaurants).


What does this mean for diners at all our Delirest restaurants and Primirest school canteens?

For example, thanks to a fully transparent supplier selection procedure, we can guarantee that food and raw materials come only from verified, quality-certified and responsible business sources, so in the event of any doubt or problem, we can quickly and reliably track and trace all purchased items, and therefore verify their safety and quality. Ultimately, the customers, diners, guests of our restaurants can fully rely on the quality of our services across the entire territory of Czechia, Moravia and Slovakia.

What else does the certification monitor and it what brings to our clients we describe on our blog Český oběd (Czech lunch).